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Frontiers of Earthquake Engineering

Anchorage, Alaska
July 21-25, 2014

The National Conference on Earthquake Engineering is hosted every four years by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). EERI's 2014 Annual Meeting is included as part of the 10NCEE.

Conference Program

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Tuesday July 22, 2014: 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

T31. Modeling and Analysis of BuildingsShow/HideStructural Testing

DATE/TIME: Tuesday July 22, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Kahtnu 1, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Eduardo Miranda, Stanford University;

Equivalent Structural Damping of Drift-Sensitive Nonstructural Building Components (ID 91)
David Welch, UME School - IUSS Pavia; Andre Filiatrault, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York; Timothy Sullivan, University of Pavia / EUCENTRE;

Inherent Damping Models for SDOF Systems (ID 225)
Choungyeol Seo, Bechtel; Richard Sause, Lehigh University;

Dynamic seismic response and design of single-storey structures with flexible steel roof deck diaphragms (ID 387)
Robert Tremblay, Ecole Polytechnique; Colin Rogers, McGill University; Simon Trudel-Languedoc, Ecole Polytechnique;

Tools for Modeling the Lateral Response of Squat Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls (ID 667)
Carlos Adorno-Bonilla, UPRM; Aidcer Vidot-Vega, UPRM; Manuel Miranda, BNL;

Development of a Finite Element Model for Partially Grouted Reinforced Masonry (ID 825)
Laura Redmond, Georgia Institute of Technology; Andreas Stavridis, University of Buffalo; Reginald Desroches, Georgia Institute of Technology;

Pushover-based procedure for approximate simulation of system failure modes observed due to ground motions (ID 1276)
Matjaz Dolsek, University of Ljubljana; Marko Brozovic, University of Ljubljana;

Bayesian Fragilities for a Building-Partition Wall Coupled System (ID 1279)
Richard Wood, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Chang Hoon Lee, Cornell University; Mircea Grigoriu, Cornell University; Tara Hutchinson, University of California, San Diego;

Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Response of Steel X-Braced Frames with Single Shear Bolted Connections (ID 1350)
Robert Tremblay, Ecole Polytechnique; Ali Davaran, Ecole Polytechnique; Sophie Decaen, Ecole Polytechnique;

A Parametric Study on Earthquake Behaviour of Masonry Minarets (ID 1767)
Eser Cakti, Bogazici University; Carlos Oliveira, Instituto Superior Tecnico; Jose Lemos, Laborat; Ozden Saygili, Bogazici University;

T32. Computing/AnalysisShow/HideBuilding Systems

DATE/TIME: Tuesday July 22, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Kahtnu 2, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Andreas Schellenberg, UC Berkeley;

Deformation Limit States for Longitudinal Bar Buckling in RC Circular Columns Considering the Effect of Seismic Load History (ID 130)
Yuhao Feng, North Carolina State University; James Nau, North Carolina State University; Mervyn Kowalsky, North Carolina State University;

Failure Characteristics Governed by External Uncertainty: Implication for Imminent Earthquake Prediction (ID 308)
In Ho Cho, University of Colorado at Boulder;

Analysis of Dynamical Systems With Path-Dependent Nonlinearities Using MATLAB ODE Solvers (ID 574)
Farzad Nikfar, McMaster University; Dimitrios Konstantinidis, McMaster University;

Impact of Viscous Damping Models on Nonlinear Response of SDOF Systems (ID 740)
Mervyn Kowalsky, North Carolina State University; Umut Hasgul, North Carolina State University;

Nonlinear structural vibration under bi-directional random excitations with incident angle theta by Tail Equivalent Linearization Method. (ID 840)
Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany, INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE of EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING and SEISMOLOGY, IIEES; Reza Raoufi, Department of Civil Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.;

Implementation of Corrosion Damage Models in Nonlinear Fibre Beam-Column Element (ID 966)
Mohammad Mehdi Kashani, University of Bristol; Adam Crewe, University of Bristol; Laura Lowes, University of Washington; Nicholas Alexander, University of Bristol;

Prediction of Shear Failure in RC Shear Walls using the Two-Discrete-Elements Shear Deformation Theory (ID 815)
Fadi Oudah, University of Calgary; Raafat El-Hacha, University of Calgary;

R.N. Dubey, IIT Roorkee; A. Joshua Daniel, IIT Roorkee;

Analytical Evaluation of In-Ground Plastic-Hinge Length and Depth for Piles in Marine Oil Terminals (ID 238)
Rakesh Goel, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo;

T33. Seismic IsolationShow/HideBuilding Safety

DATE/TIME: Tuesday July 22, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 3, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Tracy Becker, Kyoto University;

Seismic Performance of Sliding Contents in Base-Isolated Buildings (ID 17)
Farzad Nikfar, McMaster University; Dimitrios Konstantinidis, McMaster University;

Optimum seismic design of nonlinear asymmetric structures controlled by large tuned mass dampers. (ID 754)
Juan Aguirre, Pontificia Universidad Cat;

Direct assessment of the nonlinear seismic response of RC frames with viscous dampers (ID 1088)
Luca Landi, University of Bologna; Omar Fabbri, University of Bologna; Pier Paolo Diotallevi, University of Bologna;

The Effects of Residual Displacement on Gap Damper Performance (ID 1244)
Hamed Zargar Shotorbani, University of Nevada, Reno; Justin Marshall, Auborn University; Keri Ryan, University of Nevada, Reno; Taylor Rawlinson, Auborn University;

Research and Development of Steel Dampers for Base-isolated Structures (No. 2: Evaluation of Plastic Deformation Capacity of U-Shaped Steel Dampers for Base Isolated Structures under 2D Horizontal Loading) (ID 1246)
Masao Terashima, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.; Diana Ene, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Norihisa Kawamura, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.; Satoshi Yamada, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Shoichi Kishiki, Osaka Institute of Technology; Yoshinao Konishi, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.;

Jos Colombo, Pontificia Universidad Cat; Jos Almaz, Pontificia Universidad Cat;

Spyroula Odysseos, University of Cyprus; Panayiotis Roussis, University of Cyprus;

T34. Soils/FoundationShow/HideRisk Assessment

DATE/TIME: Tuesday July 22, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 4, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Ellen Rathje, The University of Texas at Austin;

Risk of Seismic Deformation of a 1960s Rockfill Dam in Lebanon (ID 419)
Justin Phalen, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure; Eric Viala, Engility (formerly: International Resources Group); Faiz Makdisi, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure; Jian Hu, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure; Nabil Amacha, Litani River Authority;

Influence of the dynamic soil structure interaction on the inelastic response of steel frames. (ID 896)
Luciano Roberto Fernandez-Sola, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana; David Davalos-Chavez, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana; Edgar Tapia-Hernandez, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana;

Improved Two-Step Method for Seismic Analysis of Structures (ID 898)
Alidad Hashemi, Bechtel National Inc.; Jaspal Saini, Bechtel Power Corporation; Luis Moreschi, Bechtel Power Corporation; Sanjeev R. Malushte, Bechtel Power Corporation;

Energy-Based Liquefaction Potential Evaluation compared with Stress-Based Method (ID 935)
Takaji Kokusho, CHUO university; Yuuki Mimori, CHUO university;

Multiple Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction and Coupling Effects in Building Clusters (ID 1026)
Ricardo Taborda, University of Memphis; Jacobo Bielak, Carnegie Mellon University; Yigit Isbiliroglu, Carnegie Mellon University;

Kinematic Loading and Curvature Demand for Piles in Non-Uniform Soil Profiles (ID 1498)
Eng Sew Aw, AMEC; Fenggang Ma, Washington State Department of Ecology DSO; John Egan, AMEC; Joseph De Larios, AMEC;

T35. BridgesShow/HideEarthquake Lessons

DATE/TIME: Tuesday July 22, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 5, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: John Stanton, University of Washington;

Preliminary Parametric Study of the Effects of Live Load on Seismic Response of Highway Bridges - NEES Research (ID 152)
Ian Buckle, University of Nevada, Reno; Danielle Sanford, University of Nevada, Reno; David Sanders, University of Nevada, Reno; Hartanto Wibowo, University of Nevada, Reno;

Experimental study of inelastic bridge behaviour including pounding due to spatially varying ground excitation (ID 380)
Sherif Beskhyroun, The University of Auckland; Bo Li, The University of Auckland; Nawawi Chouw, The University of Auckland;

Adel Abdelnaby, University of Memphis; Anteneh Yohannes, University of Memphis; Farzaneh Raji, University of Memphis; Sabya Mishra, University of Memphis;

Development of Cyclic Loading Protocol for Bridge Columns Considering Subduction Zone Mega Earthquakes (ID 686)
Ramiro Bazaez, Portland State University; Peter Dusicka, Portland State University;

In Situ Dynamic Properties of an In-Service Bridge Using Forced Vibration Testing (ID 698)
Liam Wotherspoon, University of Auckland; Jason Ingham, University of Auckland; Lucas Hogan, University of Auckland; Sherif Beskhyroun, University of Auckland;

Seismic Response Prediction of Bridges Using Incremental Dynamic Analysis with Subduction Zone and Crustal Ground Motion Records (ID 800)
Payam Tehrani, McGill University; Denis Mitchell, McGill University; Gail Atkinson, University of Western Ontario; Katsuichiro Goda, University of Bristol; Luc Chouinard, McGill University;

Developing a Soil-bridge Interaction Model for Studying the Effects of Long-duration Earthquake Motions (ID 944)
Andre R. Barbosa, Oregon State University; H. Ben Mason, Oregon State University; Kyle Romney, Oregon State University;

Non-linear dynamic and static analysis of six span RC box girder bridge with high hollow piers: Discussion and comparison (ID 1000)
Radenko Pejovic, Faculty of civil engineering, University of Montenegro; Jelena Pejovic, Faculty of civil engineering, University of Montenegro; Nina Serdar, Faculty of civil engineering, University of Montenegro;

H. Benjamin Mason, Oregon State University; Andre Barbosa, Oregon State University; Michael Scott, Oregon State University; Trevor Carey, Oregon State University;

Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Contents of Hospital Buildings (ID 1464)
Raffaele De Risi, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Andrea Prota, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Crescenzo Petrone, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Edoardo Cosenza, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Gaetano Manfredi, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Gennaro Magliulo, Uiversity of Naples Federico II; Giuseppe Maddaloni, University of Naples Parthenope; Luigi Di Sarno, University of Sannio;

Exploiting SSI to Mitigate Seismic Demands in Bridge Piers (ID 1659)
Stavroula Pantazopoulou, University of Cyprus; Anastasios Kotsoglou, Democritus University of Thrace; Stylianos Farantakis, Democritus University of Thrace;

Wednesday July 23, 2014: 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

W31. Structural Design and Building PerformanceShow/HideBuildings - New

DATE/TIME: Wednesday July 23, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Kahtnu 1, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Ken Elwood, University of British Columbia;

Evaluating response modification factors of Open-frames Steel Platforms (ID 193)
Yasser Salem, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; Ahmed Nasr, California State University Long Beach;

Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in New York City (ID 748)
Juan Aleman, ARUP; Gilberto Mosqueda, University of California San Diego;

Seismic Performance of Intermediate Moment Frames with RBS-B Connections (ID 858)
Sang Whan Han, Hanyang University; Bozidar Stojadinovic, ETH Z; Ki Hoon Moon, Hanyang University;

Ductile Design of Slender Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls (ID 877)
Sriram Aaleti, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; Hongbo Dai, University of Delaware; Sri Sritharan, Iowa State University;

Seismic Repercussions: IEBC Code Requirements Regarding Additions and Alterations (ID 1040)
Owen Rosenboom, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.; Gwenyth Searer, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.;

Performance of steel framed structures with infilled corrugated plate dampers (ID 1311)
Hsieh-Lung Hsu, National Central University; Yu-Chen Li, National Central University;

Evaluation of ASCE/SEI 7 Provisions for Determination of Seismic Demands on Nonstructural Components (ID 1323)
Bing Qu, California Polytechnic State Univ.; Charles Chadwell, California Polytechnic State Univ.; Rakesh Goel, California Polytechnic State Univ.;

Comparative Design of SCBFs using AISC 341-05 and AISC 341-10 (ID 1485)
Jay Shen, Iowa State University; Bilge Doran, Yildiz Technical University; Blunt Akbas, Gebze Institute of Technology; Eren Uckan, Bosphorus University; Onur Seker, Iowa State University; Pinar Toru Seker, Iowa State University; Rou Wen, ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY;

Seismic Performance of Roof Mounted Spires (ID 1730)
Tim Graf, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger; Brent Maxfield, Client; Chris Poland, Degenkolb Engineers; Phil Davis, KPFF;

Effect of infill panels on the response modification factor of steel structures (ID 1735)
Elnaz Barikani, Kharazmi University; Ali Massumi, Kharazmi University;

W32. Experimental methodsShow/HideBuilding Safety

DATE/TIME: Wednesday July 23, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Kahtnu 2, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Gilberto Mosqueda, UC San Diego;

Experimental Applications of 3D Position Monitoring Systems for Earthquake Engineering Research (ID 131)
Chad Goodnight, North Carolina State University; James Nau, North Carolina State University; Mervyn Kowalsky, North Carolina State University; Nicole King Brown, North Carolina State University; Steven Fulmer, NCSU;

An Experimental Study of Damage Detection using Removable Braces - NEES Research (ID 579)
Graham Archer, Cal Poly SLO; Cole Mcdaniel, Cal Poly SLO;

Intuitive Real-time Compensation Algorithm for Actuator Control Errors in Fast PSD Test (ID 811)
Ronald Gultom, The University of Auckland;

Mihnea Vlad, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics; Ion Vlad, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest;

Use of Comprehensive Instrumentation in Structural Experiments for Model Validation of Inelastic Systems - NEES Research (ID 1124)
Anahid Behrouzi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Michael Bletzinger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;

Scanner Technology for Documentation of Displacement States of Experimental Test Specimens - NEES Research (ID 1261)
Kurt Mcmullin, San Jose State University; Eugenia Tai, San Jose State University; Selim Gunay, University of California at Berkeley; Shakhzod Takhirov, University of California at Berkeley; Siddaiah Yarra, San Jose State University;

Application of Laser Scanning to Structural Testing in Earthquake Engineering, Field Survey, and Structural Assessment of an Earthquake Aftermath (ID 1266)
Shakhzod Takhirov, UC Berkeley; Khalid Mosalam, UC Berkeley;

Cyclic testing of bolted continuous I-beam-to-hollow section column connections (ID 1760)
Wei Wang, Tongji University; Chao Zou, Tongji University; Haojin Liu, Tongji University; Yiyi Chen, Tongji University;

Application of Multiple Digital Image Correlation Sensors in Earthquake Testing - NEES Research (ID 590)
Michael Mcginnis, UT Tyler; Steve Barbachyn, University of Notre Dame; Yahya Kurama, University of Notre Dame;

W33. Structural Behavior and PerformanceShow/HideBuildings - Retrofit

DATE/TIME: Wednesday July 23, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 3, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Joseph Maffei, Maffei Structural Engineering;

Seismic Characteristics of Pre-1980 Tall Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Vancouver (ID 303)
Jeff Yathon, University of British Columbia; Ken Elwood, University of British Columbia; Perry Adebar, University of British Columbia;

The Influence of Gravity Column Continuity on the Collapse Performance of Special Steel Moment Frames (ID 533)
Francisco Flores, Virginia Tech; Finley Charney, Virginia Tech;

Seismic evaluation of relays in motor-control-center type cabinets in Taiwan nuclear power plants (ID 948)
Juin-Fu Chai, NCREE; Fan-Ru Lin, NCREE; Ming-Yi Chen, National Taiwan University; Pai-Fang Chou, National Taipei University of Technology; Wen-I Liao, National Taipei University of Technology; Yin-Nan Huang, National Taiwan University; Zih-Yu Lai, NCREE;

Improving the Seismic Performance of Diagrid Steel Structures using Friction Mass Damper (ID 978)
Garlan Ramadhan, Oregon State University; Andre Barbosa, Oregon State University;

Improved Estimation of Floor Spectra in RC Wall Buildings (ID 1113)
Timothy Sullivan, University of Pavia; Paolo Calvi, University of Toronto;

Evaluation of serviceability limit states in multi-story buildings subjected to pulse-like earthquake ground motions (ID 1214)
Andres Alonso-Rodriguez, Mundial Seguros S.A; Eduardo Miranda, Stanford University;

Coupling-Beam Effect on the Seismic Responses of Three Dimensional RC Wall-Type Building Structures (ID 1288)
Kyung Ran Hwang, Korea University; Han Seon Lee, Korea University;

Analytical simulation of shake-table responses of a 1:5 scale 9-story RC piloti-type residential building model (ID 1290)
Han Seon Lee, Korea University; Hye In Lee, Korea University; Kyung Ran Hwang, Korea University;

W34. Damage AssessmentShow/HideSeismic Isolation

DATE/TIME: Wednesday July 23, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 4, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Andreas Stavridis, University at Buffalo;

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Two 1930s Reinforced Concrete Water Reservoirs (ID 1714)
James Newell, SEFT Consulting Group; Don Ballantyne, Ballantyne Consulting; Kent Yu, SEFT Consulting Group; Tyler Clary, City of Vancouver;

Extracting Empirical Capacity Curves from Building Earthquake Response Data (ID 37)
Jeffrey Dowgala, Purdue University; Ayhan Irfanoglu, Purdue University;

Recommendations for the Use ofBIM Methods for Management of Post-Earthquake Damage Data (ID 180)
Anna Birely, Texas A&M University; Eduardo Pereira, Texas A&M University;

Ho Choi, The University of Tokyo; Yasuhiro Watanabe, Toyohashi University of Technology; Yasushi Sanada, Osaka University; Yoshiaki Nakano, The University of Tokyo;

Practical Collapse Assessment for Reinforced Concrete Structures based on Seismic Response Spectrum (ID 522)
Kazuto Matsukawa, The University of Tokyo; Masaki Maeda, Tohoku University;

Validation of Seismic Damage States for Reinforced Concrete Buildings (ID 945)
Saurabh Shiradhonkar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; Ravi Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay;

Aftershock Fragility Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Using Updated Nonlinear Model (ID 1191)
Wei Song, The University of Alabama;

Seismic Performance Evaluation of an Unreinforced Masonry Building in Switzerland (ID 1198)
Ueli Von Rotz, ETH Zurich; Bozidar Stojadinovic, ETH Zurich; Svetlana Brzev, BCIT; Tony Yang, University of British Columbia;

W35. Advances in Tools and Application of Seismic Performance AssessmentShow/HideEarthquake Lessons

DATE/TIME: Wednesday July 23, 2014 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm ROOM: Tubughnenq' 5, FL2 Dena'ina

MODERATOR: Kevin Mackie, University of Central Florida;

The Generation of Earthquake Damage Probability Curves for Recovery Time of School Buildings in Taiwan (ID 126)
George C. Yao, National Cheng Kung Univ.; Li-Mei Hsueh, National Cheng Kung Univ.; Ying-Lieh Tu, National Cheng Kung Univ.;

An Analytical Approach towards Modeling the Recovery and Reconstruction after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (ID 409)
Yoshifumi Yamamoto, RMS; Pooya Sarabandi, RMS;

Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Politecnico di Torino; Chris Renschler, University at Buffalo (SUNY); Davide Martinelli, Politecnico di Torino;

Benefit Cost Study for Unique Transit Structures (ID 235)
Thomas Horton, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District; Donald Duggan, G&E Engineering Services Inc.; Mark Salmon, MGE Engineering Inc.; Michael Mcrae, Jacobs Associates;

Examination of seismic performance assessment procedures for RC buildings in Turkey (ID 567)
Ahmet Yakut, Middle East Technical University;

Earthquake Risk Modeling For the Evaluation of Losses to Property Owners in the Metropolitan Area of Shiraz (ID 652)
Mehdi Sadeghi, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University; Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany, IIEES - International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology; Naghmeh Pakdel-Lahiji, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University; Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler, IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis;

Social Vulnerability and Integrated Risk Assessment within the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) (ID 1307)
Christopher Burton, GEM Foundation; Bijan Khazai, Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology; Vitor Silva, GEM Foundation;

Quantitative Damage and Loss Estimation of High Rise Building Systems with Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs (ID 1404)
Aysegul Gogus, Arup; Huseyin Darama, Arup; Murat Melek, Arup; Thomas Kang, Seoul National University;